Please hang dry laundry

I think that more people should hang their laundry instead of using a dryer. Although dryers save time, there are some negatives to them. They produce static and sometimes shrink the clothes. Not to mention dryers burn gas, which costs money and contributes to global warming.

Hanging up your laundry is a better option. There are many benefits, both economic and personal. In addition to eliminating the inconveniences mentioned above, hanging laundry is great for you! A simple task such as this gives you time to think and appreciate the outdoors, both of which are great for your mind. 

Laundry hung on a line often smells better than that dried in a dryer. Spending time hanging and taking down laundry outside also allows your body exposure to sunshine, which is important for overall health. 

Even if you don’t have room for laundry lines, consider getting a rack or even just draping wet sheets over patio chairs. Anything makes a difference.


Madeleine Canavese, age 13