Cobb is spot on

Thank you for publishing the excellent commentary by Hunter Cobb (“Questioning the Truth Behind ‘Climate Catastrophe,’” Sept. 26). We hear so much of the hysteria side of this issue, it was good to read a calm presentation of some facts.

I would add that on Sept. 23 a letter addressed to the UN Secretary General was released, signed by 500 leading scientists and related professionals declaring that “There is no climate emergency,” and detailing their reasons why. 

The commentary made reference to Lyndon LaRouche’s critique of environmentalism. LaRouche has also been a big advocate of fusion-energy development, which would solve our energy problems for centuries to come. 

There have been significant advances in fusion research in the past few years and if properly funded we could have this extraordinary, virtually unlimited, pollution-free energy source within a decade.

Chuck Park

Editor’s note: the Netherlands-based organization Climate Intelligence Foundation (CLINTEL) wrote the Sept. 23 letter referenced. CLINTEL’s founder Guus Berkhout is a Dutch engineer who has worked for the oil and gas industry. He started his career working for Royal Dutch Shell.


Six scientists at Climate Feedback (CF), an organization of climate scientists, fact-checked the Sept. 23 letter sentence by sentence. These scientists gave the letter an overall scientific credibility of “very low.” Opinions of these scientists included “biased,” “cherry-picking,” “inaccurate” and “misleading.” The scientists also noted that of 500 “leading scientists” Park refers to, only 10 identified themselves as climate scientists.