Do your research

Those obsessed with powering society entirely with wind and solar energy might do some realistic research and discover what I believe to be some inconvenient environmental truths. 

First, realizing this dream would require a huge expansion in mining and its concurrent waste. Wind turbines and solar panels, and required batteries, are built from nonrenewable resources. 

Second, these huge wind turbines and supporting structures have a lifespan of about 20 years. They must then be replaced and worn-out equipment disposed of, generating billions of tons of waste. Solar panels and their contingent structures would double the tonnage of plastic waste and this type of plastic is not “recyclable.” 

Third, bird injury and deaths caused by wind turbines are in the hundreds of thousands, violating federal endangered species laws. 

Fourth, demand for the raw materials needed for wind and solar power-generating systems will increase 1,200 percent by 2050 just to meet the minimum “Green New Deal” goals. Demands for these materials could not be met from the massive mining required in developed countries and would certainly result in a “new gold rush” into remote pristine, fragile biodiverse areas of the world. 

Let’s rethink this! 



Bruce Elerick