That rare, pleasant DMV experience

On July 20 I visited the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) on Claremont Avenue in Oakland to renew my driver’s license. I heard that it would take 5 or 6 hours. However, it turned out to be a completely pleasant experience. The employees were outstanding and it only took an hour and 20 minutes. 

The employee who started the process took me to where I filled out my application on the computer. A man wearing a solid gold cross got me a chair. I asked him if he was a man of the cloth. He said “yes.” I asked him to say a prayer that I pass the test for my license. He said he would and it worked. 

I can’t thank the DMV enough for making what I dreaded into a pleasant and painless experience. I was told the reason for the politeness was Gov. Gavin Newsom had fired the head of the DMV. 

Now I can drive my 1967 Volkswagen “Bug” to my writing classes and to my Yorkie’s “beauty parlor” and vet. Yay! 


Elizabeth Prosser