Infrastructure funding critically important

The article by Sun staff about the City of Alameda’s need to improve its storm drain facilities did not share any facts about the storm drain problems in Alameda (“City Invites Property Owners to Pay ‘Fee,’ Sept. 5.)  

Make no mistake — the need for improvement is real. Among the storm drain issues: The City of Alameda relies on 10 pump stations, some dating back to the 1940s. If any of these fail, it would cause significant flooding in the surrounding neighborhoods. 

The program is currently funded by an annual storm drainage utility fee that has not increased in 15 years, while costs have increased significantly. The proposed additional fee would add $78 to the current fee, bringing the total, for the typical Alameda home, to a total of $134 per year — $11.17 per month. 

This is not a fight between renters and home owners, as we feel the article suggests. This is a fight on all of our behalfs to maintain our city and our environment. 

Please, Alameda Sun, report the facts. Please Alamedans, send a quick note to the City Clerk right now to urge the city to put the need for additional funds to a vote.


Randall Block & Catherine Egelhoff