Racist cartoon on Sun’s editorial page

Reference the editorial cartoon from the Aug. 15 edition of the Alameda Sun. A shark is pictured reading a sign that says “Warning! Go Near Shore at Your Own Risk — Angry White Males with Easy Access to Guns.” 

Alameda Sun Publisher Eric J. Kos, just below that cartoon, in paragraph two of your response to the letter from Bruce Elerick, Kos writes, “Quite simply, we are running an open forum here, but it is a forum run by Dennis, myself and our staff. Our letters policy includes: no personal attacks no impugning entire demographics and no stating opinion as fact.” 

Does this mean the cartoons are an exception to the Sun’s editorial policy? This cartoon is inciteful, divisive, racist and denigrates an entire demographic (the word “impugning” was a poor choice, in my opinion). 

What do you think the backlash would have been if any other race were named? I take exception to the characterization made in that cartoon. I am a white male, and I am now angry. Easy access to guns? Heller’s words, not mine. 

I think Bruce Elerick’s letter (“Make Sun’s Spin More Conservative,” Aug. 15) had a lot of truth in it. You need to take a closer look in the mirror. 


Andy McKinley

Editor’s note: McKinley is right on two things. Heller’s cartoons do not have to adhere to the letters policy and his cartoon contained a racist comment. The reference contained was both timely and accurate.