A tip on staying loose

I don’t experience any aches or pains, because all of my life I have been a competitive swimmer. When you swim 20 minutes a day, as I do, your body stays loose, you have no trouble breathing; you feel clean and limber when you finish.

For me the biggest challenge is remembering when I have completed my 20 minutes because that requires me to remember what time I started my laps. What I have learned to do now is figure out when I will complete the swim and remember that time and no other. 

I have concluded from the foregoing that my body is my friend. The part of me that is letting me down is my mind. I am becoming the stereotypical elder who is unsure of where to be at what time. I keep a datebook in which I write everything that will be required of me to meet my obligations. This includes doctor appointments, classes at Mastick Senior Center, returning books to the library, having lunch with a friend, etc. 

Ashley Jones