Thanks for restoring my high school

I would like to extend a huge thank you to all the officials who organized the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Historic Alameda High School (AHS) on Aug. 8. I spoke with one organizer who said that 150 were expected, but more than 500 people attended.  

This day was long in the making, with many dark, despairing moments for AHS graduates: a study about demolition of the building; the horrible fence that sprang up the day after the school board and then-Superintendent Kirstin Vital decided on “earthquake protection” and loud protests by community members about deserting such a majestic monument that seemed impossibly naïve. Yet they persevered!  

I loved the tours inside and for many of my fellow graduates, it was poignant to walk down the halls once again. I recognized where our teachers’ classrooms had been and still are, including: Mr. Lowry’s physiology perch on the science wing’s top floor, Miss de Vecchio’s history classroom down the hall from attendance and Mr. Halleck’s calculus class near the exit to the “new wing” near Walnut Street. I still remember Mrs. Gallagher’s math classroom, the outdoor corridor to Mrs. Kympton’s PE class, Miss Claggett’s English classroom on the second floor and Ms. Holland’s yearbook room. 

Not to mention how wonderful it is that Kofman Auditorium, will be reopened to the public. 

Thank you all for your efforts to make this day happen! 

Patricia Bowen, AHS class of 1965