Make Sun’s Spin More Conservative

Letter writer claims ‘Millennial’ editors have ruined paper


The Alameda Sun received this letter sent to the attention of E.J. Kos and Dennis Evanosky, Publishers.

Having appreciated your publication since its inception, contributing several letters of which you were considerate enough to print. Recently I have felt like a persona non grata. Perhaps this is due to my politically conservative bent. 

I would now venture another opinion: That you both are in your mid-60s, looking forward to retiring and have retained several younger folks to manage the day-to-day editorial responsibilities of the Alameda Sun.

Just why I should voice such an opinion is that I have noticed a definite turn to the left in the way news items are reported. This can be seen in the editorials accepted, letters to the editor and even those individuals noted as “contributors.” There appear to be no balancing conservative opinions. 

Of course, this is just one individual’s observation. Surely you will deny this! But then, what would that do to my “observation?” Certainly you would hope this is not a community-wide observation or opinion.

Your new, young editorial staff (most likely young Millennials) might even opine the writer to be delusional. Hmm! But of course, this is the “default” consideration of the left, is it not? 

Personally I hope I am wrong. The Alameda Sun is or has been an outstanding publication and community asset. Hopefully you have not become fearful of the apparent Bay Area Leftist cabal. 

Bruce Elerick