Dedication wasn’t much

I arrived at 4 p.m. for the ceremony that would precede the viewing of the renovated Historic Alameda High School. Someone was speaking into a sound system that could be heard 20 feet away from the speaker. Unfortunately, I was 100 feet away and could hear nothing. 

Speaker after speaker got up and said something that few could hear. Those gathered in my area were enjoying the company of students they hadn’t seen in years. It was a mini reunion. 

I was greeted by many former students I didn’t recognize, but were fun to see again once they introduced themselves. I did know some and since we couldn’t hear what was coming from the podium we had a grand old time going over how things were in our lives. I even got invited to an upcoming reunion of some class of yesteryear. 

I think most of us thought we were going to go inside to see the renovated buiding, but no, just another speaker and another speaker we couldn’t hear. 

I finally decided I had had enough, so I slid into the main entrance and went down to see what had happened to the couneseling office where I worked for many years. Suprise! The office was gone.

A brand-new classroom was there in its place. The offices must be somewhere, but I was not interested in finding out where. So I went home. All in all, it was a let down.


Ashley Jones