Local secret divulged

I wanted to let you know that the float featured in your piece about the Fourth of July Parade isn’t exactly connected to Bob Ross (“A Hair-Raising Fourth,” July 11.) 

I work at the PBS affiliate in the area and we looked into the story to write a piece about Elsa Greene, the woman in your caption who the family said was Bob Ross’ stylist for a decade. In the process we found out that it’s a 15-year family tradition (that the parade organizers are apparently very aware of) to make up a backstory for Elsa and theme their float entry around that. So she was never a stylist for Bob Ross (nor was she an Iditarod winner or baking champ).

It’s kind of a wild story if you talk to her son. 


Bianca Hernandez, Senior Engagement Producer KQED News

Editor’s note: The Alameda Sun was let in on two Island City July 4 traditions this year. (It’s only been 18 years). We were finally invited to the Weeden Pool Party and learned about the Greene family’s hoax. Previous Sun editors were let in on the Greenes’ secret, but the institutional knowledge wasn’t passed on.