Access denied

The management of Ballena Bay Marina has thrown in the towel and no longer cares to honor the public’s right to enjoy the shore. Now at the roadside, we see an illegal stop sign stuck in a bucket while another sign below proclaims, “Private Property, No Trespassing.” 

Actually the property in question is not private or exclusive at all, but belongs to the City of Alameda. The road mentioned is indeed a county easement. Emergency rescue, fire and police and yes, even the public, cannot be denied access. It’s our space, too.

Instead of quiet fishermen or locals out taking in the air while walking the dog, the marina claims they are being overrun by the homeless. They claim teenaged hoodlums who laugh and play loud music are known to break into cars and steal or vandalize everything not bolted down. It’s a full-blown crime wave. Aside from the loud music, it’s hard to believe a single word. 

Rather than stomp around grumbling, the management might like to actually deter crime and have cameras installed in the parking lots there. Or, curtail access after 8 p.m. or so, which may indeed be a more agreeable option for all concerned.

I have written this letter because all of my queries to the management at Ballena Bay have yet to elicit a response. 


James Courtney