There ought to be a law

That was the name of an old cartoon in the syndicated Sunday newspapers when I was growing up many years ago. And, I am quite sure it helped form my sense of right and wrong as a young child. 
But there ought to be a local law or requirement in Alameda that bans the plastic bags that come with our delivered newspaper(s) every morning.  And, yes, we also read several papers that are electronically delivered.

Last year I boxed them all up and sent them back to the publisher of a prominent newspaper, all stuffed back into several of those bags with a note reading, “Dispose of properly!”

I’m not the only one, I’m sure, who realizes that every day these bags are feeding our planet’s fish and polluting our oceans, even though they can be used for kitty-litter disposal and a few other things.

Can Alameda require that all newspapers be delivered with a very reusable and simple rubber band to help stop the insane use of plastic bags? I suggest they be prohibited in Alameda except on the very few rainy mornings when they might serve a useful purpose.Or maybe we can all collect them, bag them up and return them to the newspaper publishers?  

Bravo to the Alameda Sun for doing the right thing: delivering your papers in rubber bands!


Mary-Jo Knight