At least they’re honest

Television news ran a segment on the proposed 300-unit residential development at South Shore, presenting both sides essentially. Mayor Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft said she’s keeping an open mind but that she does not want all lower-income homes. She wants some middle-income ones as well. 

Area neighbors expressed concern about the potential for traffic nightmares on Shore Line Drive and Park Street; it reminded me of Bay Farm Island residents’ concerns back in 2015, when developers blew off existing homeowner concerns about similar traffic woes. At least the rep for South Shore and the developer were honest when asked replying, “I can’t deny the impact on traffic from this plan.”

Total contrast to other developers’ hired reps who not only dispute any increase in traffic, but many of them laughably claim “traffic here would, in fact, decrease.” Here’s to South Shore’s honesty.


Mike Lano