Thanks for story on Grand July report

Thank you for publishing links to the Grand Jury report which addresses the conduct of Councilmembers Malia Vella and Jim Oddie (“City Council Ponders Grand Jury Responses,” July 11).

As thorough and as and critical of the Councilmembers as it is, the Grand Jury report does not address the most significant claim by former City Manager Jill Keimach, i.e., that Vella and Oddie threatened a “job action” similar to the inaction by the fire department personnel which led to the drowning of Raymond Zack off South Shore beach on Memorial Day 2011 (“First Responders Watch Man Die,” June 2, 2011).  

We had been told by the District Attorney in 2018 that, because the entire matter was still being investigated, the audio tape of the conversation between the former City Manager Keimach and the Councilmembers could not be released to the general public.  

Now that the Grand Jury’s investigation has been concluded and the report has issued, it should be time for a transcript of the tape to be made available to the Alameda Sun, which can then decide whether it merits publishing. Until that occurs, the report should be considered incomplete.

In the meantime, how about recognizing Alameda Chief of Police Paul Rolleri and former City Manager Jill Keimach for serving the residents of Alameda under very difficult circumstances?


John Zugnoni