Recycling on Park Street


We want to thank the Edison Elementary School students concerned about the lack of recycling options on Park Street (See the series of letters printed May 15, 22). We are also concerned and have been working with the city and Alameda County Industries (the city’s waste-management service) to come up with a cost-effective solution that all parties can agree on. 

Over the past few months a number of positive events have made it possible for us to finally plan for recycling in downtown Alameda:

• The city, in partnership with the Park Street Business Association (PSBA), is currently pursuing grants that will assist us with the costs of recycling on Park Street. 

• We’ve already started to include recycling and composting at the major events on Park Street. (During our recent Spring Festival, we deployed “clear-stream” units,, which included trash, compost, and recycling units.)
While not perfect, these units went a long way to segregate the refuse better than we’ve ever been able to in the past. We expect this program to continue in the foreseeable future at all of our major street events. 

• We had volunteers and “clear-stream” units in front of Peet’s and Starbucks on Earth Day to educate the public on what material goes into what container. 
Many of the businesses in downtown Alameda already follow best practices for recycling and composting. 

In addition, PSBA encourages businesses be “green” certified and to participate in special recycling and composting programs.

As a step toward  implementing recycling throughout the entire Park Street District and reducing trash on the sidewalks, all the green metal caged garbage cans will soon be replaced by larger receptacles on a temporary basis. These larger receptacles will be placed in more locations up and down Park Street and the side streets. ACI has agreed to increase the pick up service on Park Street to every weekday, instead of the current Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule. This action will enable PSBA, the city, and ACI to determine what the best course of action will be to ensure proper trash, compost, and recycling service in the district.  

As plans become clearer, we will engage the public in the decisions being made in accomplishing our goal to be the “greenest shopping district.”


— Donna Layburn, owner, The Marketplace and PSBA President ,Kate Pryor, owner, Tucker’s Ice Cream and Chair, PSBA Maintenance and Improvement Committee