Whoa! Alameda is not about to drown

The sky is falling! The sky is falling! 

Please, Chicken Littles of the City Council, Alameda is not about to drown. What has been drummed into our brains for years about climate catastrophe are largely scare stories with questionable computer projections to back them up. Not the sort of thing rational people should base policy upon, no matter how popular they may be.

It may be the case that the proverbial 97 percent of scientists agree that human-caused carbon dioxide has some effect on warming of the planet, but that’s different from saying we’re headed for disaster. Many reputable atmospheric scientists and physicists disagree with the scare scenarios but have been subjected to harassment and prevented from publication in an environment that reminds one of the Inquisition. 

In my opinion, the Council would do well to hear from experts, physicists and climatologists like: Judith Curry, Freeman Dyson or Thomas Wysmuller, just to name a few.


Edward Malik