Keep dogs on leash, it’s required some places

My friend Maura and I were walking at Crab Cove and saw some people with their dogs running off leash, chasing the geese and ducks. Other people with their dogs off leash were chasing baby birds on the beach. 

This is unacceptable behavior because there are plenty of signs reading “Keep Dogs On Leash” in the park. These people should be fined because they put wildlife in danger. This is not the first time we have seen this happen. We told people not to unleash the dogs and not to allow the dogs to chase wildlife to avoid causing any injuries. We saw one duck limping recently. 

We would like to recommend having more police patrols, larger signs and include the fine on all the signs in the park, and then enforce it. We hope that everyone — humans, pets and wild animals alike — can live together happily sharing and enjoying the safe and healthy environment at Crab Cove and all the other parks and beaches in Alameda. 

Thank you in advance.


Rita Hsu