Take care out there


Last Sunday my husband and I went for a walk at 9:30 a.m. We walked down Willie Stargell Avenue to Main street and then turned onto Singleton. We wandered down to check out Estuary Park and then noticed that there was construction going on. Signs say “Admirals Cove coming spring 2019.” 
The area was filled with bulldozers and other construction equipment. Since it was Sunday, there was no one else in that area. We noticed a blue tent about 100 yards away and commented that a homeless person was living there. We walked a little more where the street curved and got on the other side of the tent.

It was then that we saw a medium-sized brindle pit bull barking and running towards us. My husband started yelling at the top of his lungs; I did the same. He got down low and I got up as high as I could while we both continued screaming and yelling “call your dog.” Once we started screaming the dog stopped running but was still looking vicious and maybe confused by us standing our ground. 

We saw a person about 100 yards away by the tent did call the dog. The dog turned its head and then left. 

If I had gone out walking alone that day I might not have returned home. This was the scariest experience I have ever encountered. That homeless person may be harmless, but the dog was vicious. That dog could have seriously mauled me or worse. The dog was not on a leash.

I just want other walkers to be aware, especially when walking on the West End of town, or approaching homeless encampments, which seem to be cropping all over the Bay Area.


Mary Kovalitsky