Let’s get all the facts


A recent letter (“Please oppose ‘gigantic’ high school proposal,” Feb. 28) expressed several concerns about Alameda Unified School District’s (AUSD) high schools. Some of the concerns appear to be based on incomplete facts. We’d like to set the record straight.

First, the “series of meetings to discuss consolidating Alameda High School (AHS) and Encinal High School” that were said to be in process have, in fact, already occurred. 

Second, based on the committee’s final report, the Board of Education has decided against consolidating the two high schools. As such, the claim that AUSD has already “placed plans in motion” to combine the schools is incorrect.

Third, in the course of their meetings, the 21-member committee also explored other scenarios, including allowing students to take classes at both high schools and expanding dual enrollment opportunities at Peralta Community Colleges. These alternatives will be further considered during the strategic planning process beginning this spring.

Fourth, a decision has not yet been made about the Emma Hood Pool at AHS. AUSD and the city are working together in a joint subcommittee to explore the best ways to meet the needs of high school and recreational swimmers alike. We are excited about this partnership and the potential for developing a plan that will benefit all the swimmers in our community.

Susan Davis, AUSD Senior Manager, Community Affairs