Imagine it’s April 10 and Measure B won


The dust has settled. It is what it is. Just that simple. What will the map of progress look like? What can we expect? At the moment, transparency is essential. It must be fueled by reasonable and valid questions followed by intelligent answers and a willingness to listen. 

I am a supporter of Measure A and have been encouraged, at least to this point, by the enormous amount of effort by Alameda Point Collaborative, the federal government and the City of Alameda to address the wellness of our neighbors. 

At the same time, I am curious about the future, both short and long term. 

What will the 3.65-acre parcel look like and what will it offer? It seems to me time, effort and a significant amount of money will be necessary to accomplish the goals of the people in favor of Measure B. 

At some point, the residents of Alameda will need to see an artist’s rendition, including costs, a list of project deliverables and what the plan offers the community at large.  

So it’s April 10 ... 


Geoffrey Burnaford