Define cultural insanity

As a “civilized” society, have we become so self-righteously insensitive such that we have lost our perspective on civilized humanity?

It seems that we spend huge sums of money to prevent execution of convicted murderers and, then, self-righteously demand that we are allowed to execute healthy, full-term, pre-born infants! 
Have we become so mixed up in our subjective social consideration that we have lost our ability to distingusih between good and evil? Have we become culturally insane?

New York, Virginia and now Illinois want the legal right to destroy the unborn up to and including the moment of delivering a fully viable infant. Roughly 23 other states are considering likewise.
It is not my intent to argue any particular political position. My question is simple. Have we, as civilized society, lost our perspective about what is civilized as opposed to brutishly uncultured?


Bruce Elerick