Double the high school means double the kids


I live in the neighborhood adjacent to Alameda High School and pay parcel taxes to support Alameda schools. Currently, it is nearly impossible to traverse Oak or Park streets or Encinal and Central avenues, during lunch time or after school hours when the approximately 1,800 students hit the streets. 

There is total disregard by the students for traffic laws as they commandeer intersections with zero supervision by school staff or the police department. The intersection of Encinal and Oak is frequently blocked by parents in cars picking up their children after school. Residents have to plan travel times around school hours or take detour routes. Forget about going out to lunch yourself. 

If the proposed consolidation of Alameda High School and Encinal High School comes to fruition, the combined number of students could be as many as 3,100 students overwhelming the neighborhood. 

The school district’s website on school consolidation community impacts section only addresses student travel options and the effect on Park Sreet businesses. Has the impact to the neighboring residents been analyzed? How will the school district mitigate the effect an additional 1,300 high-school students will have on the residential community?


Michelle Hubbell