Synch those traffic lights


I’m writing to ask the help of neighborhood drivers. I’m told by the city’s Public Works Department that they act not on a single citizen report, but after a certain number of individuals complain about a given problem.

I regularly find myself stopped at a red light with no cross traffic or pedestrian in sight. Sometimes I sit for a red and watch the lights go through a full cycle, left-turn arrows and all — for no one. A good example is the intersection by Amelia Earhart Elementary School.

Maybe you’ve noticed a problem, but figure someone else will phone it in or the city will get around to fixing it. Not happening. So please, if you would, watch the sequence and timing of traffic lights and call, write or email a complaint, comment or suggestion to the city’s Public Works Department. It only takes a couple of minutes, and will save you many minutes in the long run. 

Waiting at red lights for no reason is not only annoying — with an annoying ripple effect — it lowers air quality. Idling motors produce the dirtiest emissions. 

So, even though I’ve “complained” on behalf of myself and all of the Earhart students running around the playground, it doesn’t change anything. Public Works needs to hear more reports from more residents. It’s kind of like voting. 

So, please vote to put our traffic engineers to work calibrating traffic lights so traffic flows in a way that makes sense. Thank you.


Jan Edmunds