On the new city park

I like running early in the morning, and I love Jean Sweeney Park. Running at that time down the Alameda sidewalks can be very dangerous. Sudden unseen drops, bumps waiting to trip you up, dogs, cats, racoons, skunks, bushes, trash; don’t get me started about cars. Keep your wits about you at all times and then some. 

Then there is something about running that messes with your brain. Its the thing that makes you want to keep running, even when the traffic lights are red. I think that’s why so many joggers get run over and killed. Their sense of timing and judgement went out the window four miles ago, they think they can beat that car. Don’t do it, the car will win! 

But Jean, oh Jean, gave us such a rest from all that.

The path is wide and smooth, no bumps, no vegetation to get in the way. If someone or something is on the path you can see it a mile away. No thinking, just get on there and run. See how fast you can go. Actually sometimes I go too fast and am really tired at work.

I am really grateful Jean and many others brought the park to the city. I’m happy I contributed tax dollars, even if indirectly, to its construction and I hope others feel the same. Even though it looks a bit bare in places, I’m sure it will get there in time. I still love the place. 

From that Proclaimers song, “Oh Jean, Oh Jean… Love her, I love her, I love her; Love her, I love her, I love her.”


Stuart Adamson