Fire tower raises concern

I am concerned about the abandoned, boarded up building on Bay Farm Island at the entrance to Corica Park at Clubhouse Memorial Drive. It looks like an accident waiting to happen. Does the City of Alameda own this property? If so, could our fire department take it down? Is this under the jurisdiction of our new mayor? If not, who is responsible for this eyesore? Something needs to be done. 


Irene Patterson

Editor’s note: The building referred to belongs to Alameda Fire Department. It was used as a training tower from 1947 until about 2005. The property there also served as Bay Farm Island’s first fire station. It predates Clubhouse Memorial Drive by about 10 years. 

The original entrance to the golf course was on Island Drive at the Grand Pavilion, which served as the golf course clubhouse until June 30, 1957, when the present-day clubhouse opened. Clubhouse Memorial Drive dates to this time. 

The fire department currently has no intention of tearing the old training tower down. It is primarily used for storage as training exercises now take place at a facility on Alameda Point.