Comments on AB31


Gov. Gavin Newsom recently announced his initial budget plan and what projects he will proactively be funding. Unfortunately, Assembly Bill 31 (AB), which stops the tax on sales of feminine hygiene products was not included in this list. It’s now up to the state legislature to pass this bill that we, the people, want funded.

Women face inequities each day that many of us don’t realize; one of these a tax on feminine hygiene products. As a young woman, I am appalled that I have to pay above commercial value (i.e. taxes) for products that are a necessity for my health and wellbeing. Women in California pay $20 million a year in taxes for tampons alone. There are currently tax exemptions on items deemed necessary such as medicine and groceries bought with food stamps, and I believe that feminine hygiene products needs to be added to this list.

I urge everyone to contact your state legislators and ask them to advance AB31: a bill that exempts taxes on the sale of tampons, sanitary napkins, menstrual sponges and menstrual cups.


Anisya Lustig-Ellison