Comment on Alameda High dress code change

I am happy to weigh in on the side of the other letters that I have read so far that find this new lax dress code policy ridiculous. I have been perplexed from the very beginning of this odyssey which began more than a year ago. 

First, by the fact that a mother would encourage her pre-teen daughter in this endeavor — to intentionally dress inappropriately in order to create a platform to challenge the rules. Too bad this mother did not choose to inspire her young child to funnel her energy toward loftier goals. 
This initial duplicitous act has now snowballed into a “politically correct” overreaction by the school administration.

Body shaming? Are you kidding me? Could anything be more potentially demeaning than pajamas, spaghetti-strap tank tops, short-shorts, ripped jeans, etc? Great. Maybe while the spaghetti-straps are drooping and the short-shorts are sagging, the school administration should consider adding a pole-dancing class to its curriculum!

These kids may be smart, creative and talented, but they are still children. They need some guidance, rules and role models. If the parents have decided to disregard their responsibility to provide positive direction, then maybe the teachers and administration need to step up. These politically correct overreactions ignore what is really essential — the common sense and rational assessments of what is important in life.


R. Perry