Street names bear investigation

I was reading the two-part article about Captain R. R. Thompson (“What’s in a Name: Thompson Avenue,” Dec. 13 and 20). It occurred to me that we have a number of streets named after 19th-century personalities. Some of these people might not have embraced 20th-century values. 

For example, what did Thompson think about women serving on his crew? Perhaps we should know. This kind of examination of 19th-century figures could provide a target-rich environment for any social justice warriors with some extra time on their hands. 

Initially, a prime target would naturally be Haight Avenue, since the heavy lifting has been accomplished in exposing that villain, and no research would be required. 


David A. Desiderio

Editor’s note: R. R. Thompson did not sail the high seas with a crew. Thompson led a wagon train over the Oregon Trail in 1846. As was customary at the time, leaders who earned distinction were given the honorary rank of captain.