Safe, sane street design idea for the Island City


Two of the characteristics I love most about Alameda are the slow pace of life and cleanliness of the streets. 

But with the introduction of shared scooters and bikes, the sidewalks are lately strewn with a tangle of machines. Worse yet, cars routinely drive faster than the 25 mph speed limit that governs most of the city streets.

These speeding cars are especially dangerous near crosswalks where there is only a small corner of red paint on each block to prevent parking, which limits pedestrian visibility. When a pedestrian steps out into the crosswalk, drivers can hardly see them until they are literally right in front of their vehicle.

One idea to “kill two birds with one stone” is to extend these no-parking red zones another 10 to 15 feet, and designate these areas bike or scooter parking zones.

This would provide ample, convenient parking off the sidewalk on every block, and also increase visibility at every corner so that cars can better see pedestrians (it’s much easier to see through a small bike than a big, parked truck).

As the city considers new regulations to increase the availability and safety of bikeshare programs on the Island, I encourage them to consider how we can make small changes to street design to make life safer for every Alamedan.



Nick Ellis