Bad Christmas gifts


Ever get the wrong present for Christmas? Something you didn’t really want or need? Sadly you never really told them how you feel about the present. You don’t want to sound rude or spoiled so you sit there. You sit there with a subpar set of cat socks. 

Looking at your present you wonder, do they even know you? I mean, if they really knew you they’d have got you that blender you’d been hoping for, the one that rotates at five rounds per second. Or maybe they would have gotten you that new jacket you had been eyeing when you went shopping with them.

So the question arises, have they ever really known the real you? Not the one you bring to the dinner table or the one you take to your grandma’s birthdays. Not even the cranky you that appears on road trips. 

Maybe they expect the you of 10 years ago. Maybe you’ve been trying to be the ideal son, daughter, brother or sister that they’ve expected you to be. Who does know the real you? Is it your friends? Or is it the same with them? Who is the real you and what do they want?

Midway through that thought you ask yourself another very important question.

Am I materialistic? Spoiled? Or vain? Maybe that’s not what matters. Maybe Christmas is about family and spending time with them. 

But you keep thinking about that present. You keep wondering if they got you the wrong present because you gave them the wrong hints or maybe they don’t actually know you. Maybe the last few years have been a facade. Without knowing it you’ve molded yourself into who your parents and family imagine you being. Maybe that’s not the real you. Or maybe you could be reading between the lines that aren’t there.

I’m 16, so I’m probably just venting. Merry Christmas, and thank you for listening.


Quinton Yap