Public transport needed

There is an island city in San Francisco Bay. It is a small city in the midst of a densely populated metropolitan area; an area in which most of the roads are frequently congested with traffic.

The residents generally like their island very much and find many things to do there. But many of the residents need to leave the island every morning for employment and return in the evening.

Others get restless from time to time and want to leave the island for culture, entertainment, shopping or visiting. And some people living in surrounding areas sometimes want to visit the island for similar reasons.

Of course, since it’s an island, there are limited roadways for coming and going. And these access ways are choked every morning and evening and even at other times.

The people of the Island City figured out that perhaps the best way to get on and off an island is on boats. So they have a ferry service that can bring people to or from the big city reliably and quickly without being at the mercy of road traffic.

But guess what? There is no public transit that goes to the ferry terminal. Can you believe it?


Martin Butensky