Welcome new Mayor, Councilmembers


I wish to congratulate newly elected Mayor Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft and Vice-mayor John Know White and Councilmembers Tony Daysog and Jim Oddie, I hope that they realize that the residents  of Alameda are counting on their honest, transparent and thoughtful decision making Alameda the very best it can be. 

To that end, I wish that they carefully evaluate their positions on the key concerns facing the city (traffic, housing development, safety and education). I hope they realize that they took an oath to not only support the U.S. Constitution, Constitution of the State of California, but that they will also faithfully discharge (wording as it appears in the oath) the duties of their elected office of the City of Alameda. 

This last phrase in the oath is the one that I wish to further elaborate on. One of their most important duties is to uphold the City Charter. Recently, a black cloud has hovered over the City Council in regards to possible violations to the Charter. The former City Council and Mayor appointed a private firm to investigate these allegations. The firm’s conclusion was that there appeared to be violations of the Charter. 

This report was forwarded to the Alameda County District Attorney’s office to decide if criminal violations had taken place. Six months later in mid-October (3 weeks before this Fall’s election), the District Attorney’s office forwarded the matter to the Grand Jury, where it is still pending. 

I wish to again state the importance of honesty and transparency in the roles of Alameda’s elected officials. The people of Alameda will be watching to make sure that you properly serve in the role we have entrusted you with.


Kurt Peterson