Alameda’s Green New Deal

On Dec. 3, the World Bank announced that it will invest $200 billion to tackle climate change. It’s a bold and much-needed statement from such a globally recognized entity and a potential source of funding to offset projected City of Alameda investments in infrastructure and climate change resiliency projects and other strategies for the city. 

As an island city, Alameda needs to lead the charge in the Bay Area in climate change resiliency projects and strategies if we are to fully realize our future economic potential.  
No other city in the San Francisco Bay Area faces as great a land mass loss, population displacement or economic loss than Alameda would incur due to sea level rise alone. 

Thus, I would propose that Community Action for a Sustainable Alameda and the City of Alameda bid a proposal for World Bank Climate Change funding.

With our future projected economic and housing contributions to the region, Alameda presents a strong case to establish a safeguard to potential future economic losses as a city and region from the projected impact of climate change and sea level rise. 

Instead of raising sales taxes or fuel taxes we should pursue avenues of significant funding to protect our city, and enable us to thrive into the future.


Amos White