Support Residence Inn


We have been Alameda residents living on Harbor Bay for 20 years and we write you in support of the proposed Residence Inn & Restaurant at the Harbor Bay Ferry Terminal.

A quality hotel is greatly needed in Alameda, and many aspects of this project will benefit current residents both of Harbor Bay and Alameda as a whole. These include: considerable hotel, restaurant and sales tax revenue; additional parking for the ferry; availability of conference rooms for community groups; availability of a quality hotel for our guests and grandparents; most importantly, perhaps, added clout to push WETA to add weekend and noon time ferry service.


This is a location not in a high traffic area. It will draw most customers from the Oakland Airport along Harbor Bay Parkway — not residential streets. It is a beautiful location which will provide needed waterfront amenities for all Alameda residents.

We urge all residents of Alameda to consider the many advantages for current residents as well as the considerable tax income and support this project.

In support of a well-planned, vibrant Alameda. 

Richard and Nan Rideout