Open letter to tenants


To our valued tenants:
In the next few days, Cornelia and I will be placing a “Yes on K” sign on the front of the building we share. “Yes on K” is a ballot measure that supports our existing Rent Stabilization Ordinance 3148 (aka Measure L1). Voting “yes” on Measure K will protect Alameda’s current rent control ordinance by placing it in the City Charter, where only a vote by the people — not politicians — can make changes.

For us, the past 24 months have been a “see-saw” of emotions because we (as property owners) have been vilified by certain members of our City Council and tenant-activist groups as greedy, low-life, blood-sucking individuals, out for only profit and without empathy. Suffice to say, we are growing weary of the litany.  

Our goal has always been to provide a clean, safe and well-maintained building for you, our valued tenants, to live in. We have been transparent and fair in all our dealings, always thinking of everyone’s best interests before we make decisions, changes etc.

Providing housing is something we have enjoyed for more than 30 years, but we are becoming so disheartened with the current climate at City Hall. The “mom-and-pop” property owner is being targeted and laden with government bureaucracy, interference and fees which only continue to increase our operating costs.   

Cornelia and I want to continue to provide housing, but we are extremely frustrated with the ever-changing rules, regulations and increased bureaucratic costs imposed by our City Council.

With the above said, supporting the “Yes on K” ballot measure is crucial to Cornelia and I in our effort to provide housing. Without a reliable, stable and fair rent ordinance in place, our continued presence as housing providers will surely end.


Eric & Cornelia Grunseth