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An article in the Alameda Sun last January indicated Kamakura Restaurant was hoping to reopen this June (“Favorite Sushi Spot Scarred by Flames,” Jan. 19. 2017). I walk by there often and see no signs of construction or repair. Does anyone know what the delay is? 


Jerry Clancy

Honorable Mayor Trish Spencer, Vice Mayor Malia Vella, members of the City Council and Acting City Manager Liz Warmerdam:

Last October the League of Women Voters of Alameda (LWVA) urged the City Council to conduct an independent review of the process to select a new fire chief. We commend you for authorizing the review and for releasing the investigator’s findings to the public.

As a next step, LWVA urges the City Council to draft the revisions to the City Charter recommended by the investigator and to place the revisions on the November 2020 ballot.

LWVA is a strong advocate for good government that is open, accountable and transparent. We applaud your actions to this point and look forward to seeing the recommended revisions on the November 2020 ballot. 


Georgia Gates Derr, President; Ruth Dixon-Mueller, Vice President; Karen Butter and Felice Zensius, Co-chairs, Action Committee

What should we do with the Harbor Bay Club? That is an easy one to answer. Make it a luxury continuing-care retirement community with condos and villas. More than 13 percent of the Alameda population is older than 65 and more than 24 percent are reaching 65. These are potential local candidates for supporting a retirement community in addition to retirees from outside the community. This would be an ideal location for one of these communities.


George Cunningham


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