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You hoped, you prayed, and no one heard
What seemed, to you, your final word,
Like watering a half-dead plant
While knowing that the chance is slim
That it will ever grow again.

But water is life for all of
Our splendid, blooming things,
And should be rationed carefully
So that there will be many springs
Like this, where all our hope
Keeps refreshing all our dreams,
And dormant though they seem in fall,
Our hope will bring them back for all.

So never let your hope dissolve
Like a puddle in the sun.
Keep it full, with your resolve,
And, in the end, you will have won.

Lenhardt, 2022

Arthur Lenhardt

Editor: Regarding Senate Bill 9 (SB9), if you look like a duck, quack like a duck and walk like a duck, you are a duck. The state legislature has been leaning far left for a long while now without any counter voices to keep it grounded. It has now shown itself to have morphed into a communist government. SB 9 takes away individual freedoms and jambs their ideas of the way people should live down our throats.

And they crafted it to limit any dissent.

This is the same legislature that has a budget surplus even though a million people were out of work and failed to purchase enough aerial tankers to stop the forest fires from burning down millions of acres and destroying many people’s lives and communities. All the while preaching to us about global warming. I believe there is global warming, and we need to save the forests and get more water to keep our cities green. They do not want to mitigate asphalt, concrete, decorative rock and smoke that goes all the way to the East Coast, which contributes to global warming. They want to increase the population when they don’t have any plan to increase the water supply enough to support the current population.

Thank you for publishing the article (“Supporting Our Neighborhood Voices,” Jan. 13), which informed us about the effort to collect money and gather signatures to get a ballot initiative on the November 2022 ballot to throw out SB 9. Their website is www.ourneighborhoodvoices.com.

— Peter Muzio

Alameda Mayor and City Council: I hope the recent Tsunami advisory is a wakeup call for you all. In the event of a much larger Tsunami with evacuation warnings in effect, how many lives do you think will be lost due to not being able to exit the west end of the Island?

You can approve all the multi-unit residences you want but you lack the ability to figure out an alternate way off the Island for the West End residents. The west end is crowded enough and more units coming in will make traffic look like a stand-by line for a ride at an amusement park. If an evacuation is ordered, will the Webster Tube be reversed to let people off the Island? Will Alameda Police Department and Oakland Police Department have enough time to revert traffic? Or will both tunnels be closed for fear of flooding and trapping people inside to drown?

If that is the case than all West End residents will either be trapped on the Island with nowhere to go or completely gridlock the streets trying to get to one of the bridges. Figuring another way off the Island for the West End should be a top priority. I have come to the feared realization that if such an event were to occur, I will stay because I know I will not be able to get off the Island to get to higher ground. Hopefully, living on the second floor of an apartment is high enough.

— Victor Gallegos