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The bridges and tunnels we have are more than adequate to handle our traffic. The traffic is not caused by lack of lanes out of the city. All the tunnels and bridges lead to gridlock themselves. It’s a Bay Area problem, not an Alameda problem.

Not living close to where you work causes traffic. We have that  situation occuring more and more in the Bay Area because of the housing shortage. Adding more lanes to traffic doesn’t improve traffic. They tried that in China with their massive 50-lane highway that got backed up for literal days because everything it fed into was too limited. The Alameda Access Project will adjust the exit of the tube to reduce the slowdowns around getting on the highway. For more information, see alamedactc.org/oakland-alamedaproject.

None of this should be used as NIMBY excuses for not building more housing. We need to drastically increase the supply and help fix the exorbitant rental price increases.


Zac Bowling


Assm. Rob Bonta’s recent comments (“Birther Movement comes to Alameda,” July 5) were divisive and narrow minded.

His reasoning regarding Vice Mayor Malia Vella is faulty. He begins by citing “disgusting, misogynistic and sexist” attacks against Vella. He then proceeds to the conclusion that if you question or oppose Vella then you are “supporting hate, bigotry and intolerance.” It has been a long time since I studied logic, and only at a California state college, but there is a flaw in there somewhere and his conclusion is just plain wrong.

Vella’s history during her City Council tenure can lead reasonable people to raise legitimate questions. Most obvious is her involvement in recent personnel moves and the subsequent investigations. This has led to a respectful attempted recall of Vella. 

This movement may only be a small minority against Bonta’s “super-majority.” However, let me remind Bonta that as our elected public servant it is his responsibility to defend the rights of these petitioners to be heard without calling them names. I also contend that the smaller the minority, the less popular their position and the more he personally disagrees, the more he should defend their rights. 

Let me close by assuring Bonta Alameda is not becoming a “racist backwater” intolerant of women of color just because Vella has faced opposition during her brief political career. As proof, consider our last two mayors. They are Marie Gilmore and Trish Herrera Spencer.


Jerry Yarborough


In his letter (“Birther Movement comes to Alameda,” July 5), Rob Bonta claims that the people working to oust Vice Mayor Vella are working from Donald Trump’s playbook. He cited Stephen Slauson’s questions of Bonta’s citizenship, and that people at a “citizens’” (his quotes not mine) meeting engaged in misogynistic and sexist attacks against the Vice Mayor. 

But then Bonta takes pages from that same playbook. First he tries to stain all of the people working to oust the Vice Mayor with the sins of one person. Since Slauson is a birther, everyone working against the Vice Mayor are birthers. And what are the details of this citizens’ meeting? Who attended this meeting and how does it relate to the effort to oust the Vice Mayor?

Bonta continues by relating the story of someone insulting a number of African-Americans out for dinner. But he doesn’t give any details, no proof. Who hurled the insults? What was the restaurant?  When did this happen? Is this something he himself witnessed, or did someone relate the story to him?  

Finally, Bonta tries to label everyone working to oust the Vice Mayor as racist. He can’t seem to understand that people would be trying to oust her because they believe that she improperly interfered with the City Manager’s selection of the next Fire Chief.


Stephen Hinchey