History of Alameda

A collection of articles on Alameda History by Dennis Evanosky and Eric J. Kos


Alameda Chamber of Commerce postcard of Neptune Beach
File Photo -- Far be it from us to criticize anyone — especially when it comes to typos — but this street sign is misspelled.

What’s in a Name? ‘Ellen Crag’ Avenue

Feb 23,2023

On the Main Island between Grand and Hibbard streets sits a one block long road known as “Ellen Crag Avenue” if you read the street signs. A crag is defined as a steep cliff or rugged rock face. Not exactly a common sight in Alameda. So what is going on?

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Firefighters were able to  stop the flames from jumping Park Street except  at Webb. Flames spared the rest of the west side  of Park, but badly damaged the east side.

The Great Park Street Fire

Dec 01,2021

Smoke still pours from a fire neighborhood east of Park that destroyed much of the Street along Santa Clara and Webb avenues on Jan. 7, 1920. This is a detail of a panorama taken from Webb by an Oakland Tribune photographer.

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