Feature Articles

Spartina is an invasive weed that grows along Alameda’s shoreline. The City of Alameda’s Public Works Department and the California State Coastal Conservancy (CSCC) have partnered for the past 11 years in removing Spartina.

Control of Spartina helps prevent flooding, reduces its growth at marinas and residential boat docks, and minimizes its competition with other preferred shoreline plants. Since this partnership began, Spartina in the shoreline areas has been reduced by more than 95 percent.

The Alameda Education Foundation (AEF) recently announced the election of three new board members: Danielle London, Margie Sherratt and Todd Wellnitz.

"Danielle, Margie and Todd each bring unique and valuable experience and expertise to our Board," commented Foundation president Bill Sonneman. "We are thrilled to have them."

London is an Alameda County assistant district attorney. Sherratt is a former Alameda Unified School District administrator and School Board member. Wellnitz is the president of Wellguard Insurance Solutions.

In a ceremony aboard the transport ship Cape Orlando docked in Alameda, Mayor Trish Spencer and Rear Adm. Linnea J. Sommer-Weddington, a senior leader of the Navy’s Information Dominance Corps reserve command, celebrated the Navy Reserve’s Centennial anniversary. Also on hand were members of Navy Operational Support Center in Alameda as well as veteran and civic groups.

As part of the ceremony Spencer and Sommer-Weddington presented awards to local employers of the Navy Reserve’s "Citizen-Sailors."

Front row (left to right): Dianna Moore, Emily Garcia, Kim Stange-Herlitig, Ron Halog, Joanne Robinson, Jennifer Della Croce, Tina Blaine, Julianne Quimby, Kari Thompson, Ginny Krutilek, Marina Zepeda, Doug Biggs, Nancy Hird, Cheryl Saxton and Judy Friedan; back row from left to right: Clay Davis, Thomas Kruegar, Jaynette Underhill, Bob Carloni, Steve Sokil, Ed Kofman, Dalinda Hansen, Bill Sonneman, John Jacobs, Vickie Sedlack, Mark Morales and Kiwanis President Russ Grant.

On Sunday, June 28, two Alameda Boy Scouts, Alexander James "A.J." Elfar,the son of Shirley Jaber Elfar and the late Ed Elfar, and Joseph DiGiulio, the son of Shelly and Steve DiGiulio celebrated their Eagle Scout awards. The scouts received their awards during Troop 11’s Alameda Boy Scout Association National Court of Honor at the Alameda Masonic Hall. Troop 11 is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Alameda and meets regularly at Lincoln Middle School.