Process loss with neighbors at quarterly meeting

In a pretty little cottage in a lovely little garden, there will be a table set with tea, cake and a few other munchies for the indulgers. There will be a circle of chairs — maybe 15 or so. At one end of the table, there will be name tags and pens and, after writing your name on one and assembling a small plate of treats, you will be invited to sit with a few others and talk about death. You will have arrived at the Death Café.


Columnist discusses plans for Bay Farm Island hotel

Good project. Wrong place.

A proposed 100-room hotel on the shoreline of Harbor Bay Business Park is facing mounting opposition. If a growing number of residents and organizations get their way, the project will not move forward.

The unlandscaped 1.17-acre waterfront parcel where the hotel is proposed is a short distance south of the Harbor Bay Ferry Terminal and directly next to the public restrooms that accommodate the existing park on both sides. 


The Alameda Sun recently had an interesting go-round with a reader. This member of the community called me and asked that I write up a story about a series of events, post my story online, run it in the newspaper and post the events in the calendar — all for free. I fulfilled the first three requests, but went on vacation without posting the events online.


The Encinal Drama Department just completed a highly successful and most entertaining run of the musical Annie. Rarely would a reviewer give top priority to the technical staff, but this time it is warranted: The challenges presented by the play and the venue were certainly daunting but the crew, like true Jets, soared above the snags, setbacks and obstacles.


How Frank Bette’s wish to turn his home and business building into an art center came to be is an interesting story. Gretchen Fleischer was quite surprised to learn that she was named in Frank’s will. She thought maybe he had left one of his books or a print for her. 

Fleischer had gotten to know Frank from the Writers West group and became one of his friends. She gave him rides to writers group meeting, grocery shopping, breakfast at Ole’s Waffle Shop or field trips to the Oakland hills to visit “his trees.”