My husband is a third generation Alamedan. His grandparents moved to Alameda in 1953 after his grandfather retired from the U.S. Navy. His parents moved their family here in 1971 after his father retired from the U.S. Air Force. We moved here in 1981 after my husband completed his service in the Air Force.


It’s good to see the city creating an action plan to find services and shelter for the homeless who have taken up residence in the soon-to-be-built Jean Sweeney Park. But let’s not forget about those living in the encampment at the foot of the Fruitvale Bridge.


If I had anything to do with it, Measure L1 would read 

Barbara Kutz Herbert, born Sept. 14, 1935, 
died March 7, 2016. 
Happy 81st birthday! 
Your spirit still 
lives in my heart,
Your loving husband George


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