Alameda News

Dismal precipitation this past winter and a melted snowpack has pushed the East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) board of directors to implement a series of actions to protect and stretch the East Bay’s water supply.

The district’s annual water supply and deficiency report confirms that projected water storage will be at near-record lows without additional actions. Storage in all reservoirs combined is expected to stand at one-third of capacity by Oct. 1, the start of the water year.

Nighttime Closures on Park Street Bridge begin May 11

Last February, Southern California developer City Ventures approached the city about developing the 2.78-acre property bounded by Clement Avenue on the north, Eagle Avenue on the south, Willow Street on the west and a line drawn to the Alameda Unified School District’s warehouse on Clement from the dead end of Mulberry Street on the east. The site, which does not include the AUSD building, currently houses structures that trace their roots to Pacific Bridge Company’s World War II ship and barge-building operations (See related story this week: Buildings Once Part of Active Shipyard)

A view of the tidal canal and the High Street Bridge from the air.

The City Council listened to a presentation on whether to accept a land transfer along the Oakland Estuary from the Army Corps of Engineers at last Tuesday’s council meeting.

A work crew already removed the largest Monterey Pine from the grove at Harbor Bay Landing before anyone could stop them. City staffers said that because of the scope of the project, the property owner needed to inform the city.