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At 6:49 a.m. last Tuesday the Hayward Fault tapped the East Bay on the shoulder and said, "Here is a small taste of things to come, are you ready for everything I can throw at you?" How many Alameda residents would have been truly ready if that earthquake had registered 6.9, rather than 4.0, on the Richter scale? Would they have been prepared for a temblor that would have closed all the bridges, shut down the tubes and disrupted telephone service?

Local teen Zoe Foster faced more than just the mountain

Alameda resident Zoe Foster recently climbed Mount Whitney. The fact that she suffers from an autoimmune disease that gravely affects her pancreas, as well as from type-one diabetes, made the feat especially impressive.

When Foster was just 11 years old, her doctors told her that they had discovered these debilitating medical conditions. They told her that her autoimmune disease was affecting her pancreas and its ability to create insulin in the quantities needed to maintain a normal blood glucose level.

With more than 20 wildfires burning more than 130,000 acres in California, Alameda team is called for mutual aid

Engine 4 at Mad River Complex Fire

Pres. Barack Obama’s 2016 budget proposal includes $70 million for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) clinic and columbarium at Alameda Point. If approved by Congress, the money would go toward site work, utilities, geotechnical work, and wetlands mitigation. But the VA is facing a backlash in Congress over an astronomical cost overrun of nearly $1 billion at its new hospital facility being built in Aurora, Colo., near Denver. Whether this will affect Alameda Point is yet to be seen.

An event honoring the Alameda and Encinal High School legend is during the same weekend in which the four newest members of the National Baseball Hall of Fame will be inducted in Cooperstown, New York