JiuJitsu Expert Stops Graffiti Vandal

Dennis Evanosky

Kevin Miyamoto demonstrates the hold he put on the graffiti vandal (played by his business partner Kevin Good) while Miyamoto’s Jiu-Jitsu instructor Sergio Silva looks on proudly.

Kevin Miyamoto was working in his company's office, "Sun's Free Solar," on Times Way when he heard scratching on the door. He thought it might be his friend and business partner, Kevin Good, fooling around.

He opened the door and surprised a graffiti vandal writing something on the front door. When the vandal tried to slam the door on him, Miyamoto realized this was no joke.

At first Miyamoto didn't see the vandal. He alerted Good, who called 911. When Miyamoto confronted the vandal, the culprit made a fist.

That's when Miyamoto employed a skill he learned right here in Alameda. He chased the vandal and brought him down with a move Sergio Silva taught him at his school on Lincoln Avenue.

"Kevin (Miyamoto) did the right thing," Silva said. "He brought the culprit down without causing him any pain."

Just about then APD arrived and slapped the cuffs on the vandal.



+2 #1 J.Carter 2012-09-21 16:23
Using your super powers for the Good! Yay! ^_^

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