Teachers Rally for Their Candidates

Courtesy photo

Alameda teachers held a community rally last Saturday morning to support their three candidates for the school board.

"We also wanted to raise issues about the controversial spending priorities of the existing school board," said Gray Harris, president of Alameda Education Association (AEA), the teachers' union.

The three school board candidates backed by AEA — Trish Spencer, Barbara Kahn and Jon Murphy — all spoke about their vision for Alameda's public schools.

"We chose to rally in front of the fence that the Alameda Unified School District (AUSD) recently erected around Historic Alameda High School," Harris said.

The building has housed AUSD's administrative offices for many years. "Now AUSD is spending money to fence up and abandon the building in the middle of downtown Alameda," Harris said.

"This decision is just the latest in a pattern of misuse of public funds by the current school board."

If elected, the AEA-backed candidates promise to work with all stakeholders to create real transparency in the district.


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