Historical Advisory Board to Hear Fence Rationale

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Alameda Education Association President Gray Harris and teacher Jeffrey Smith visit the school district’s $211,300 fence in front of Historic Alameda High School. Smith writes that the fence itself might become a historic landmark on Page E4 in today’s Essence.

“The District has a much larger challenge of what to do with the ... structures.” — Architect’s Report

Last Friday, the city's Historical Advisory Board received a written update on seismic safety work at Historic Alameda High School outlining Alameda school administrators' rationale for shuttering and fencing off portions of the campus and also on the nature and cost of work being done there. A hearing on the report has been postponed to a later date.

An April 12 report offered by Quattrochi Kwok Architects presented to the school board in late April offers a list of earthquake safety measures the district opted to take to protect staff and students at the 88-year-old school, including relocating administrators working in campus buildings that aren't seismically safe enough to meet state standards for housing students.

"Based on the structural analysis by ZFA Structural Engineers, these non-(state) approved structures are not safe for occupancy and further pose a threat of collapse to people in the immediate vicinity," the report says. "It is recommended that the temporary mitigation measures be taken to provide safe egress paths out of the fall zones as well as alternative paths for the adjacent Alameda High School students and staff.

"This should not be construed as a long-term solution to the inadequacies of the unapproved structures," the report adds. "It is understood that the District has a much larger challenge of what to do with the abandoned and fenced-off structures."

The report included ZFA Structural Engineers' assessment of the campus' seismic condition released in February and a pair of March cost estimates for seismic shoring work and the fence that's been constructed around portions of the school. The estimates put the cost of the fence, moving a set of stairs, bracing and other work at between $515,752 and $663,268.

District officials later put the cost of the work at $887,000 with potential additional costs of up to $266,000; in response to questions from The Alamedan, AUSD Chief Business Officer Robert Shemwell said the amount includes $552,830 for structural upgrades, $16,500 to repair existing stairs at the school, $211,300 for the fence and $106,370 for a stair protection structure.

The district office will be moving to leased space in Marina Village with rent payments estimated at $552,000 a year and an option to purchase. Shemwell said administrators will most likely vacate Historic Alameda High in November and December, moving primarily during Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks.

"We will most likely be keeping a department or two behind in the current Student Services section and the old Superintendent's Office," Shemwell wrote.

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Needs a new sign. "Alameda High Reform School and Minimum Security Prison"...Re-Ed ucation is our Goal, Or Else!

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