Alameda Couple Charged with Fraud

Alameda residents Khadijah and Malik Ali have reached a plea bargain in what Alameda County Deputy District Attorney Chris Lamiero called one of the largest fraud cases he's ever seen. Lamiero prosecuted the case that involved the couple's fraudulent receipt of more than $185,000 in food stamps and child-care subsidies for their three children.

The couple perpetrated the fraud over a nine-year period by lying about their marriage and place of residence. (Malik told the county that the couple lived in Oakland.)

The couple also failed to disclose Malik's job at the Alameda County Sheriff's Department as a recreation assistant at Santa Rita Jail in Dublin.

These misrepresentations allowed the couple to receive benefits.

In July the district attorney's office charged the pair with three counts that include felony conspiracy to defraud the government, felony grand theft and felony receiving stolen property.

In addition, the DA charged Khadijah with 16 counts of perjury, one additional count of grand theft and receiving aide by misrepresentation.

Court papers show that Khadijah started receiving childcare payments in October 2001. The money came from 4C's of Alameda County, a nonprofit that distributes taxpayer money to needy families. A 4C's employee discovered discrepancies in the couple's application, and the nonprofit notified the DA's office.

In her plea bargain, Khadijah promised to repay $125,000 by November. If she makes the payment on time, the DA has agreed to drop the charges against Malik.

If she fails to make the payment, she faces two years in prison; Malik would also face time in prison.


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