Historic High School Buildings Fenced Off

AUSD vacates offices; will move to Marina Village soon


Dennis Evanosky

Pedestrians pass the newly installed fence in front of the east wing of the Historic Alameda High School Tuesday. The fence is meant to keep people away from the buildings which could crumble during the next earthquake.

The Alameda Unified School District has built a fence in front of the west wing of Historic Alameda High School.

A second fence is going up in front of the building's east wing that houses the district offices and the adult school.

The school board has approved a plan that will move the district offices to Marina Village ("AUSD to Occupy Marina Village Site," Aug. 2). The west-wing fence is designed to allow access to that part of the building, although the west wing itself is close.

Now the building's east wing will close, forcing both the adult school and the district office to find space elsewhere.

In 1991, seismic-safety concerns caused AUSD to "decommission" the building's east end and west wings. The center portion, which contains Kofman Auditorium, was seismically upgraded.

The west wing, pictured here, once served as the high school's library and, later, as the Alameda Museum and as the interim location of the city's Main Library Branch while the Oak Street location was under construction.

The west wing was closed in 1991. The east wing, currently serving as headquarters for the Alameda Adult School and the district will close soon.

The district has erected these fences to protect passers-by from falling debris an earthquake could trigger.

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0 #1 Leslie Fernandes 2013-08-17 17:01
The entire building should be upgraded, it's a beautiful, historical building that should be preserved for future use. My mother went there and the thought of it being fenced off and no longer used is sad. I lived in Alameda when they built the new school, it doesn't fit the neighborhood. New is not always better!

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