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Tech Bus Protestors Target Island City

Commuters who used the High Street Bridge on April Fools’ Day found themselves tangled in a protest that had little to do with the shenanigans some expect on that special

Egrets Returning to Bay Farm

Bay Farm residents have come to know and love two species of heron that also call their neighborhood home. Both the great and snowy egret nest on Bay Farm Island near

Hospital’s Transfer to County Group Underway

The Alameda Health Care District (AHCD) board of directors met earlier this week to discuss how they would conduct the transition of power to Alameda County’s health

City Fails to Net Rockefeller Grant

Most associate the Biblical character Job with suffering. “The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away,” is a quote from the Book of Job familiar to most people. The city of

Telecom Suit’s Victory in Sight

The city has scored what officials hope is a final legal victory in a trio of bondholder lawsuits that followed the sale of Alameda Municipal Power’s telecommunications business

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