Be Aware: May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month

Courtesy Skin Deep

May is skin cancer awareness month so local esthetician Deborah Spalla feels strongly about educating everyone about the importance of skin cancer prevention and skin protection. With the degradation of the ozone layer, skin cancer is on the rise with one in six people contracting it in some form during their lifetime. Skin care is all about prevention, protection and consistency.

Prevention starts with what? Sun block of course. Sun damage causes 95 percent or more of our skin's aging process which is easy to avoid with a little effort.

Prevention is the first step in regard to the skin's health. It is important to monitor skin closely and see a doctor if anything suspicious appears. It is very important to get regular skin-care check ups through a dermatologist.

This includes darker skin as well. There is a misconception that darker-complected individuals cannot get skin cancer and do not need to use sun block or get their check ups. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and skin cancer is especially on the rise in Hispanic and African American communities. It is very important for these individuals to also get regular skin-care check ups, use sun block and be diligent about any changes to their skin.

Deborah Spalla has been a licensed esthetician since 1997. She works under the medical direction of Dr. Glen Lau, a board certified plastic surgeon in Oakland. She has trained with Obagi Medical, and extensively with the International Dermal Institute in the U.S., Bangkok and Hong Kong.

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