BTWD Route on Fruitvale Bridge

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Cyclists won't have to share the sidewalk on the Fruitvale Bridge on Bike to Work Day.

On Bike To Work Day, cyclists will have the opportunity to ride in a special designated bike lane over the Fruitvale Bridge.

At the request of BikeAlameda, the city of Alameda working with the city of Oakland and the county of Alameda will close the far right traffic lane of the Fruitvale Bridge in both directions from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. to allow cyclists to use these lanes as bike lanes.

This one-day road closure provides even inexperienced riders an opportunity to ride their bike all the way to BART safely. Given that three jurisdictions have come together to support BikeAlameda's efforts, the board encourages residents on both sides of the bridge to ride over the bridge during the designated bike lane closure and be counted.

You can use your bike to vote to make these bike lanes permanent. For residents commuting to San Francisco who would like to bike to BART and realize that one cannot take a bike on BART during commute hours, Alameda Bicycle operates a valet parking service close to BART.

You simply fill out the paperwork, drop off your bike in the morning, and stop by in the afternoon to retrieve it. Now, you have no excuse for not getting on your bike for Bike To Work Day.

The route along Tilden Way over the Fruitvale Bridge and on to the Fruitvale BART station has regional significance. It provides Alameda residents with a direct connection to BART, which in turn reduces vehicle traffic on the highways.

For cyclists who ride this route, the street and bridge configurations create a number of significant challenges, especially for the novice rider.

Narrow roadways, fast moving vehicle traffic and gaps in the designated bike lane combine to deter many cyclists from using this route.


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