Happy Mother's Day!
Give Mom a Pizza Your Heart this Year

For many of us Baby Boomers, our slow descent into Geezerville has meant that Mother's Day is a time for melancholy reflection and remembrance, rather than celebration.

Clubs Paved Way for Mothers Day

Julia Ward Howe takes credit for coming up with Mother's Day as we know it today. Her 1870 proclamation put the day on the American calendar. Howe's proclamation was a reaction to death during the Civil War.

Tiffany Highlights Michaan Auction

Last Nov. 17, Michaan's Auctions hosted an auction of the "First Treasures of Louis C. Tiffany from the Garden Museum, Japan." The auction house has scheduled a follow- up sale for Saturday, May 18.

Celebrate Mom with APC

Alameda Point Collaborative's (APC) "Not Your Mother's Garden Party" is much more than tea and crumpets. It's a fundraiser for APC programs that help formerly homeless families make lasting change, and it's a great party with something for everyone.

Celebrating An Alameda Super-Mom

One of the most influential of the "New Thought" teachers, Ernest Holmes, wrote extensively about what he called the "Great Secret" — the metaphysical "Law of Mind," also known as karma, or the law of cause and effect.

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